Our Team

COMPASS has been developed by a team of expert practitioners and researchers in Health Psychology at King’s College London and King’s Health Partners, an Academic Health Sciences Centre. It has been co-developed with vital contributions from patient representatives with long-term conditions.

Professor Rona Moss-Morris

Rona Moss-Morris is Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicine and head of the Health Psychology Section at King’s College London. For the past 20 years her research has focused on understanding the unique challenges long-term conditions pose. She has worked alongside people with long-term conditions to better understand how people adjust to long-term illness. This knowledge has been used to develop interventions which aim to support people to maximise their quality of life despite their illness.
Rona came up with the idea of COMPASS as a way of making these intervention methods available to as many people possible. She has been lucky enough to work with a fabulous team of researchers, healthcare professionals, software developers and people with long-term conditions to bring this project to fruition.

Dr Katrin Hulme

Katrin Hulme is a Health Psychologist registered with the Health Care Professions Council and a Research Associate at King’s College London. She has worked in both clinical and academic research departments, developing and delivering interventions to help people manage persistent physical symptoms and long-term conditions. She became interested in the area during her Professional Doctorate whilst working in hospital services. She recognised a need to address health from both physical and psychological perspectives, ideally at the same time. She also noticed that healthcare service pathways need to be joined up to allow smooth journeys addressing patients’ needs. Katrin hopes that COMPASS will be able to address these needs.

Dr Joanna Hudson

Joanna Hudson works at King’s College London as a Research Associate. Her work focuses on developing and testing self-management resources to support people with long-term conditions. Joanna became interested in this area when she worked in an Improving Access to Psychological Therapy service. She felt that the treatment options and resources offered to individuals with long-term conditions did not meet their needs, so she began researching this area to try and change this.

Dr Abigail Wroe

Abigail Wroe is a Clinical Health Psychologist in Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, working in the specialist Clinical Heath Psychology Service and the Berkshire IAPT Service, supporting the service with their work with people with long-term health conditions. She is registered with the Health Care Professions Council and accredited by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies. She has expertise in psychological therapy for people living with long-term health conditions (including fibromyalgia, gastroenterological conditions and diabetes), for example cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance commitment therapy and compassion-focused therapy approaches. Abi joins the COMPASS team at King’s College London as a Research Clinical Health Psychologist, offering teaching and supervision to clinicians facilitating the COMPASS program.

COMPASS is funded by King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre. For more information, visit www.kingshealthpartners.org.

The COMPASS platform was created in collaboration with the team at SPIKA Ltd. We thank them for their expertise, professionalism and hard work throughout this project.