Below are COMPASS related publications from our research team.

Book chapter:

Hudson, J.L., Moon, Z., Hughes, L., & Moss-Morris, R. (In press). Engagement of Stakeholders in the Design, Evaluation, and Implementation of Complex Interventions. Handbook of Behaviour Change. Cambridge University Press.

Relevant research papers:


Hudson, J.L. & Moss-Morris, R. (2019). Treating illness distress in chronic illness: Integrating mental health approaches with illness self-management. European Psychologist, 24, 26-37. doi: 10.1027/1016-9040/a000352

Under review

Carrol, S., Moss-Morris, R., Hulme, K., & Hudson, J.L. (Under review). Therapists’ perceptions of barriers and facilitators to uptake and engagement with therapy in Long-Term Conditions. British Journal of Health Psychology.

In preparation

Hudson, J.L., Moon, Z., Hulme, K., Husbands, A., Allen, A., & Moss-Morris, R. (In prep). Barriers and facilitators to screening for symptoms of depression and anxiety in people with long-term conditions: Views of patients and health care professionals.

Moon, Z., Hudson, J.L., Hulme, K., Carrol, S., & Moss-Morris, R. (In prep). Developing a transdiagnostic model of adjustment to long-term conditions: A meta-review and expert consensus.

Hulme, K., Hudson, J.L., Moon, Z., & Moss-Morris, R. (In prep). The development of COMPASS; a digital health intervention to treat anxiety and depression in the context of long-term physical health conditions.

Seaton, N., Hulme, K., Hudson, J.L.,Van Vliet, M., Christopher, W., et al. (In prep). Patient and public involvement in the development of COMPASS.

Hulme, K., Hudson, J.L., & Moss-Morris, R. (In prep). “More than just an app”: why the context and pathways for digital health interventions need to be considered from the beginning.

Hulme, K., Hudson, J.L., Wroe, A., Graham, A., & Moss-Morris, R. (In prep). Supporting the implementation of COMPASS with a long-term condition specific training package for mental health professionals.